Contractor’s Insurance

Rhode Island Contractors Insurance

Contractor's InsuranceContractors face many risks that vary depending on the type of construction project. Frequently contractors will have their own construction specialty and their insurance is geared to what they do, electrical contractors insurance or landscape contractors insurance for example.

A type of insurance that all contractors should carry is Contractors General Liability Insurance, which provides you and your business with coverage against a broad range of claims. These include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury (such as slander or libel), and advertising injury. Optionally the contractor can purchase coverage for equipment or property. If a contractor has employees, RI law requires the business carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance which covers the employee from work related injuries or sickness while protecting the employer from being sued by the employee. Our agency can help with those needs.

It is important for contractors not only to obtain the right insurance coverage at the right premium, something ABZ Insurance Agency can assist you with, but also it’s important to take additional steps to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. It is essential contractors collect certificates of insurance from sub contractors to show they carry both general liability and worker’s compensation, if required. In addition, contractors should make sure they are listed as an additional insured on the subcontractor’s insurance so their insurance will have to defend you if they happen to be liable for something they did. It’s also a good idea for contractors to have a standing contract with sub contractors as additional protection from the actions of others and/or negligence.

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